Business School

Akelius wants to have the best educated staff in real estate.
Education keeps the staff motivated.
Motivated and educated staff deliver the best performance for the company.

All new staff are welcomed to the company during Welcome to Akelius.
This is a two-day seminar focused on Akelius’ history, philosophy, business strategy and organization.

All staff receive training specific to their profession.
Training is delivered as a mix of self-studies, seminars and tests.
The next step is the Akelius MBA.
The MBA students acquire knowledge and skills for a position as top manager in a real estate management company.

Akelius online educational material consists of books, instructions and tests,
written by internal specialists.

In 2019, each employee conducted on average 41 hours of training.

Welcome to Akelius

As a new employee in Akelius, you will attend the Welcome to Akelius course.

The Welcome to Akelius course consists of both online educational material and a two-day seminar.
You will learn about Akelius’ history, business strategy, philosophy and organization,
and get an introduction to your role specific professional training.

You will also visit a few of Akelius’ properties.

The seminar is an opportunity to network with colleagues from various positions and areas of work
and from different Akelius cities and offices.


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professional training 

At the moment Akelius offers sixteen professional training programs,
designed for  your work role,
such as

  • apartment letting
  • property management
  • construction management
  • service center operations
  • accounting

Professional training consist of online educational material and seminars.

After passing the professional program you continue to learn with advanced courses.
Focus is on soft skills such as leadership, media training and negotiation,
as well as new legislation and application upgrades.

Akelius MBA

Top talents within Akelius get the opportunity to take part in a one-year MBA course within real estate management.

The MBA program supports and increases your expert skills, personal development and cultural awareness,
preparing you for top manager positions in a real estate company.

The MBA course consists of online educational material and five weeks of hands-on coaching in the form of seminars and workshops,
covering leadership and speech training amongst others.

You learn from real case studies and economic reports.
You visit several metropolitan cities and meet teachers and fellow students from all over the world.

internal specialists as teachers

The teachers are almost all Akelius staff, experts within their area of work.