financial policy


  • minimize impact of financial crisis
  • maintain buffer to financial covenants
  • enable stable growth with low risk
policy Q1 2022
investment grade rating min BBB

below 60 percent loan-to-value if property prices decrease 25 percentn/a
interest coverage ratio above 1.5 if interest rates increase five percentage points9.3
loan-to-value below 45 percentn/a
secured loan-to-value below 25 percentn/a
interest coverage ratio excluding realized value growth exceeds 2.02.9
liquidity reserve exceeds EUR 300 million 5,723
cash sources divided by cash uses exceed 100 percent1,670
interest rate hedge maturities within a year less than 40 percent of debt9.1

dividend policy

commitment to sustainable financial resilience

Akelius endeavours for continuous dividends on its ordinary shares.
This is enabled by high financial resilience based on a prudent financing structure and a diversified portfolio of residential properties with the ability to generate increasing rental income.

net dividend policy

The net dividend policy aims at being able to distribute dividends while maintaining equity needed for financial stability.
No dividends will be paid in a financial crisis unless at least an equal amount of equity is raised.

Dividends attributable to ordinary shares of class A are mainly reinvested in the company to support organic growth.

decided dividends and share issues

Reinvestment of dividends through share issues has been beneficial for the common shareholders.
It has supported the company in its organic growth.

historical dividends and share issues

preference shares377377377377377
class D shares-----
class A shares-8,5848,0605,04598
share issue20192018201720162015
preference shares----1,974
class D shares4,120----
class A shares-8,58410,0574,036-
cash flow20192018201720162015
preference shares-377-377-377-3771,597
class D shares4,120----
class A shares--1,997-1,009-98

historical dividends and share issues