Standard & Poor's BBB

The credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s has assessed Akelius’ credit risk to BBB.

The business risk profile is considered to be in the upper end of “strong”,
based on very low country risk, low industry risk and a strong competitive position.
The financial risk is considered to be significant.

Akelius strives for a rating of BBB+ or better.
Akelius aims for an excellent business risk and a moderate to significant financial risk assessment.

issuer credit rating 
long-termBBB, negative outlook
short-termA2, negative outlook
Nordic regional scaleK2
business riskupper end of strong
financial risksignificant
issue credit rating unsecured debt 
long-termBBB, stable outlook
short-termA2, stable outlook
Nordic regional scaleK2
issue credit rating hybrid bond 

"…improves its EBITDA interest coverage ratio close to 2.4x or above and its ratio of debt to debt plus equity to below 50 percent."

"…if Akelius' leverage increases, with debt to debt plus equity well above 55 percent... or if EBITDA interest coverage remains at 1.5x or below."

reports on Akelius by Standard & Poor's

issuer credit rating
research update, April 2022
research update, September 2021
issuer credit rating unsecured debt
issuer credit rating hybrid bond 2078
issuer credit rating hybrid bond 2081

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