articles of association

The English version of the Articles of Association is an unofficial translation of the Swedish original and in case of any discrepancies between the Swedish version and the English translation,
the Swedish version shall prevail.

articles of association

The Articles of Association were adopted at the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on 2 September 2019.

The registered name of the company is Akelius Residential Property AB.
Registration number 556156-0383.
The company is public with registered office in Stockholm.

The company shall own and manage real property and carry out other operations consistent therewith.

Shares may be issued in three different classes,
class A ordinary shares, class D ordinary shares,
and preference shares.

Each class A ordinary share carries one vote.
Each class D ordinary share and preference share carries one‑tenth vote.

If a general meeting of shareholders resolves on a distribution of profits,
the preference shares shall have priority over the ordinary shares.

If dividend is declared on the ordinary shares,
the class D ordinary shares are entitled to five times the total dividend on the class A ordinary shares, however not more than EUR 0.10 per class D ordinary share and year.

The company shall have euro as the accounting currency.