Lars Åhrman


born 1951

education: business and economics, Gothenburg University

experience: former Vice President of SEB Region West and vice President of Göteborg & Co.

other current positions: owner of Åhrman Consulting AB
Chairman of Anna Ahrenbergs stiftelse, Karin and John Drumms stiftelse, Signhild Ekmans stiftelse, Ernst Wallins stiftelse, Eleonore Dicksons stiftelse and Karin Karlings stipendiestiftelse
Board member of Douglas och Caroline Kennedys stiftelse, Emil och Maria Palms stiftelse, Per-Olof Ahls stiftelse and John och Britt Wennerströms stiftelse
Deputy board member of Stiftelsen för Stroke Research

holdings in Akelius: 400 preference shares

independent of the company and the company management
independent of major shareholders 

board member since 2017